Build core strength and wellness

Pilates emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness. Pilates enables people to become stronger, longer, leaner, and more able to move with grace and ease. At Remedy, we teach the classical approach developed by Joseph H. Pilates over 80 years ago. This method of conditioning supports you to improve:

  • Abdominal strength
  • Flexibility
  • Posture and alignment
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Range of motion
  • Body awareness


3 Guiding Principles

Whole Body Health
“Physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

Whole Body Commitment
“To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life, we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.”

The breath is an integral part of overall body function. It increases volume capacity and provides oxygenation and other physiological changes in our bodies. Full constant inhales and exhales help the circulatory system nourish all the tissues and oxygen-rich blood while carrying away impurities and metabolic waste.



The History of Pilates

Joseph H. Pilates (1881-1967) developed the Pilates exercise system in the 1920s. With a background in yoga, Zen meditation and martial arts, Pilates devised a unique sequence of movements that worked the mind and muscle in harmony. German born, he refined this system while interned in England during the First World War. He worked in an infirmary and rigged springs on hospital beds to offer light resistance exercises to bedridden patients.

After the war, Pilates and his wife, Clara, moved to New York. He opened up a studio near the New York City Ballet, where he attracted dancers seeking long, lean muscles and a streamlined physique. His clientele included Martha Graham and George Balanchine among others. In 1945, Pilates published Return to Life Through Contrology, which described his exercise philosophy.

In the 1990s, the mind-body fitness movement became popular with Baby Boomers who wanted alternative wellness techniques. Hollywood celebrities embraced Pilates and studios began appearing at neighborhood gyms. Since then, Pilates has continued to grow, proving that it is much more than just a passing fad.