Group fitness is a great way to promote cardiovascular endurance in a fun, high-energy environment. At Remedy, we offer many options for group classes to keep things interesting and dynamic. Our list of classes includes:

Body Blast

Combine the burn at the barre with the conditioning of TRX and you get BODY BLAST! The class is split between the best of both worlds to ensure your whole body walks away wondering what happened. All levels welcome.


Burn at the Barre

PSC’s Burn at the Barre™ workout makes your legs shake, challenges your endurance, puts control to the test all while focusing on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury. You will experience powerful body-transforming results. What we mean is – you’re gonna love it! All levels welcome.


Haute Pilates

Heat your body from the inside out, with a little help from the room temperature (90degrees). A heated room not only provides a more flexible you, but also a more focused practice. Mat Pilates will never feel the same. All levels welcome.


Haute Barre

The same great Barre workout you can expect from your Remedy Instructors, with a focus on strength, flexibility and sweat. The heated room (90degrees) provides some extra mind body focus while you tap into your inner ballerina. All levels welcome.


Core Express

Short on time? Core on your mind? This 45 min FUNCTIONAL FITNESS-focused class is the perfect thing to squeeze in before work or at lunch time. CORE will incorporate various pieces of equipment as well as your own body – vs- gravity to provide a centered, balanced and strong power house. All levels welcome.


Mat Pilates

Never underestimate the power of a mat and your muscles. Remedy specializes in bringing the best out of your body. Mat Pilates is both mindful and challenging. This class will align your body, correct your postural imbalances and strengthen your core. All levels welcome.



The TRX Suspension Training system ® uses body weight and manipulates gravity using the leverage of various positions to improve muscular strength and endurance. The beauty of TRX includes the ability to make this challenging workout your own – even in a group class. This workout WILL change your muscles! All levels welcome.


TRX Express

Short on time? This is the perfect 45 minute TRX fix. We promise to strengthen, tone and get your heart pumping! Let’s do this! All levels welcome.