Remedy Pilates & Barre is a boutique Scottsdale, Arizona fitness studio. Formed in 2008 by master Pilates and Burn at the Barre teacher/trainer Kelly Snailum, Remedy offers dynamic small group classes, private training, youth conditioning programs, and is a Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training facility. Recently named 2017 Best Pilates Studio by Arizona Foothills magazine, Remedy members build a powerful core through form-focused discipline and easy to understand direction that offers deep-muscle strengthening and total body conditioning. Intimate Pilates, barre, and TRX class sizes ensure our elite instructors can take the time to fully understand individual needs, and personal strength goals. Basically, if you’re over the common workout, you’ve found the Remedy.

Pilates lessons are scheduled in advance and run for 55 minutes. All of our instructors are fully trained on all of the Pilates apparatus and on how to work with special needs.  Each lesson is customized to the client’s needs and goals. Enjoy your customized Pilates experience. The beauty of Pilates is how it can be calibrated to suit so many different types of people. Pilates can be challenging enough for the professional athlete, yet gentle enough for the rehabilitation client. At Remedy, we keep this very much in mind as we adapt sessions to meet the needs of the individual regardless of fitness level, age, gender, previous injuries, or physical limitations.

  • Introductory equipment session:
    This introductory session provides the fundamentals, including form and breathing requirements for the most effective results.
  • Private equipment session:
    Private lessons ensure the time is designed for your specific needs and goals.
  • Semi-Private equipment session:
    Clients at an equal fitness level can share duet or trio lessons purchased together.
  • Group Equipment Classes: Basic
    Remedy wants to bring the basics back. This class is designed for a more classical approach to the Pilates exercises straight from the book. Don’t let the name fool you – the ‘basics” are challenging, muscle-toning, core focused exercises. A great class for beginners to advanced clients looking for all the things they love about Pilates.
  • Group Equipment Classes: Basics to Advanced
    Basics to Advanced level Pilates group classes offer a dynamic menu of Reformer, Tower, Chair, Bosu and Spine Corrector. A minimum of 4 private lessons are required to participate in these classes. Levels are based more on experience than ability and should be considered “all levels” unless specific limitations prevent you from doing certain exercises. Talk with your Instructor prior to registration.
  • Cardio Pilates | Equipment
    Up to 8 people on the Pilates Reformers, Towers, Chairs or Barrels. A full-body workout that combines cardio intervals and Pilates. Utilizing various heart-pumping techniques such as Jump Board, gliding discs and BOSU. This class gives you a calorie deficiency with the muscle in one amazing workout. 55 min. – Intermediate to Advanced only, No injuries please (private sessions required)


Group fitness is at Remedy.

Fitness classes are a great way to promote cardiovascular endurance in a fun, high-energy environment. At Remedy, we offer unique options for fitness classes to keep things interesting and dynamic. Our list of classes includes:

  • Burn at the Barre:
    Burn at the Barre: PSC’s Burn at the Barre™ workout makes your legs shake, challenges your endurance, puts control to the test all while focusing on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury. You will experience powerful body-transforming results. What we mean is – you’re gonna love it!
  • TRX:
    The TRX Suspension Training system ® uses body weight and manipulates gravity using the leverage of various positions to improve muscular strength and endurance. The beauty of TRX includes the ability to make this challenging workout your own – even in a group class. This workout WILL change your muscles!
  • Body Blast:
    Combine the burn at the barre with the conditioning of TRX and you get BODY BLAST! The class is split between the best of both worlds to ensure your whole body walks away wondering what happened. All levels welcome.


Why Choose Us?

      • PMA Certified Pilates Instructors
      • Best in quality Balanced Body Equipment
      • Variable price options to meet any budget

What Client’s Say

"I have always been an active guy, up for anything, cycling, golf, skiing, you name it, count me in.  Now, in my 60s, working out, especially with weights has become painful in my joints; lower back, neck and shoulders. Pilates with Kelly, Amanda and their crew has been fantastic and the results have been great! No pain (in my joints) and plenty of gain. I am a big fan!"
"First of all, Kelly is an amazing instructor and has a way of imparting knowledge that is both concise and effective. It's obvious that she not only completely understands the information you're disseminating, but that she thoroughly enjoys doing it as well. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and love of teaching, combined with a curriculum that perfectly blends the principles of Pilates with innovative and contemporary twists, made those 15 weeks of hard work a truly great experience! Although I value my original Balanced Body training, adding PSC to my repertoire has proven to be the best thing I could have ever done. I am so much more confident with my clients now and feel, really for the first time, that everything I have learned is finally making sense. Teaching Mini-Reverse Tower has become one of my favorite exercises and I can confidently teach Teaser on the floor and Backstroke!! I often use Grounding at the start of both classes and privates, am hooked on the "ha" breath, and the PSC cueing has now become second nature."
"I was completely new to Pilates when I started working with Ruthanne and intimidated by the equipment. I thought there was “no way” I would ever master anything and would probably hurt myself falling from something! With quiet patience and gentle persistence, Ruthanne helped me overcome my reluctance as I progressed through each piece of equipment and the various exercises. I gained core strength, flexibility and confidence which really helped my lower back pain and overall stiffness from sitting at a computer all day. Thanks to Ruthanne's knowledge, generosity of spirit and inspiring teaching style, I quickly became addicted to the benefits of Pilates. Ruthanne’s workouts are wonderful and she starts each session by actively listening to your concerns and then customizes a workout that will have you walking out the door energized and happy!
"I recently incorporated Pilates as part of my basic fitness program for rehabilitation and recovery of a hip strain that was continuing to cause extreme pain and hinder my ability to participate in tennis at a competitive level. I needed to find a way to restore strength, function and range of motion that would help me get back to the things I loved to do."
"This is the greatest Pilates studio. My results from training here for 6 months are unbelievable. I feel like they have transformed my body. I'm 1/2" taller since I started because they have manipulated my posture actively to engage my back muscles permanently to hold my spine more upright. My back and abs are ripped now and I'm performing sports and other strength training exercises at a very high athletic level. They are very sensitive to your past injuries and customize every workout for you. The design of the studio is cool. Really modern and revitalizing. If you’re into fitness they will take you to a whole other level."
"In 2011 I was told that I would need to have a hip replacement. Toward the end of that year I had a massage and was advised that I should consider doing Pilates for 6 months before I had the surgery so I my muscles would be strong to help in the recovery. I went searching for a studio that I would feel comfortable enough in to stay the six months. Ruthanne has been my angel in that I no longer have any discomfort in my hip. I am not stooped shouldered anymore. My body is in alignment, I sleep like a baby. After 6 months my husband told me he wanted to have what I had and decided to join me. I started at Remedy in November of 2011, Larry joined in May of 2012. This business is an asset to their clients as well as the community. The girls at Remedy are kind, caring, loving and concerned for our well being as well as the well being of our planet. Remedy honestly has been the remedy for that hip, and by the way no surgery has been necessary and for that I will remain grateful. One more thing, my husband doesn't shuffle his feet anymore. We are both 65. Thank you Remedy!
Nancy and Larry
"I started working with Melanie who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She incorporates specific techniques and exercises that led to a speedy recovery. Melanie's expertise and guidance on the reformer helped get me back to feeling normal and strong again. With Pilates as a part of regular basic exercise, the recovery time was a matter of weeks versus months."
"Toni (Antoinette) is so much more than an amazing massage therapist. She has always given 110% of her ability, her focus on the client's needs and her heartfelt kindness. After my one and a half hour session today, I walked out feeling fluffed, greased, and released! She has been a healing blessing in guiding me to the next level of my healthy body and ongoing maintenance routine. I couldn't be happier with the care and treatment that she has given me."
"I have been seeing Mel Gentry as a Pilates Instructor for about 4 mo. Mel really takes the time give you a good work out, one where you feel as if you have done something worth your while. Mel, has a great scene of humor, which when you are working so hard comes in really handy .I have already noticed a difference in the way I hold my body, I really feel the strength in my back and abs. My oblique's are looking and feeling tighter, and as a 49 year-old woman I really feel good about that! Thanks Mel!"
"I love Pilates! And Remedy is the best place to do it! The facility is beautiful and so comfortable and the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and make you work - they push, but in a good way. Steve was my instructor - knowing I was new to Pilates when I started at Remedy, he was patient and very thorough in explaining the fundamentals and form, and completely encouraging! If you want to have a great workout with great people go to Remedy - they have fun while they work - an hour goes by too fast!"
"Kelly Snailum is a master when it comes to teaching Pilates! She brings energy and enthusiasm to each and every workout, making them challenging, creative and fun. She connects with each client emotionally and physically, tailoring the workouts to their individual needs. Her professionalism and extensive knowledge of fitness provides you with the tools to improve your well being and live a healthier lifestyle. If you ever though about trying Pilates, Kelly Snailum at Remedy Pilates is the person to see!"
"Just finished another Pilates class with Kelly Snailum at Remedy Pilates and Message and have to tell you I'm feeling awesome. Kelly's expertise and knowledge of anatomy and physiology, along with her ability to explain what muscles we are using and how that benefits the body, have helped me to improve my posture, strength,and flexibility. The energetic, positive, friendly atmosphere at Remedy is inspiring and contagious."
"I have been going to Remedy for almost two years now and I just cannot say enough great things about it. Remedy has not only changed my body, but also my life. I have grown in strength as well as confidence and have gained so many close friends and supporters. The variety of workout I get each day I come in is priceless and is nothing I could provide myself by jumping from machine to machine at my local gym. My body has undergone changes that I never thought were possible... especially after having kids! The instructors are incredible and very knowledgeable. They have all been well trained and continuously strive to keep the classes fresh and fun. Kelly has created an environment that is much more than a Pilates studio... more of a Pilates haven... and that just cannot be beat!"
"I highly recommend Melanie and Pilates program to anyone that wishes to increase strength, flexibility and mobility or who wants to improve recovery time from an injury"
"Can't say enough how Pilates has change my life and how I view exercise. Remedy's and their instructors have played the most important role in my regimen. The whole team and their expertise is what makes them the best at what they do. Thank you to all the staff, to name a few.....Amanda, Kelly, Ruthanne, Melanie and Toni, you all make exercise so much fun. Fours years and still going weekly."
"I have been going to Ruthanne for years and the results are always amazing. Not only have I had many compliments on my arms and how toned I am overall, I have also been able to increase my flexibility so much that it greatly improved my knee and back issues. I would highly recommend Ruthanne. She is excellent about customizing workouts to focus on what you want to work on and always makes you feel great (and even taller!) when you leave."