About Remedy

Revive your energy and rejuvenate your spirit. At Remedy, our inspiration is to offer the benefits of Pilates, group fitness and massage within a single, complimentary environment nurturing to the senses. And to do so at a reasonable price.

To achieve this, we’ve assembled a community of expert instructors and massage therapists who put their heart into their work. We’ve also invested in the industry’s best rated equipment and superior products.

Experience our eco-friendly and person-friendly surroundings for yourself. We know the demands of life, work and family can take their toll. We can help remedy that.


Meet Our Instructors

Kelly Snailum

Owner | Master Pilates Instructor | Master Barre Instructor | TRX Trainer

Kelly is a PMA Certified Master Pilates and Barre Teacher Trainer. She has been teaching Pilates since 2005 and opened Remedy Pilates and Massage in 2008. Kelly has been nominated two consecutive years as a top 10 Pilates Instructor by Pilates Anytime and Pilates Style Magazine and has been recognized across the Valley as an educator and advocate of the Pilates method.

As the depth of her practice grows, she continues to find the passion and power of Pilates each year. “I strive to constantly be creative and innovative with the tools we are fortunate enough to work with. I enjoy working towards all types of goals from movement to transformation and do my best to stay on top of current trends, injury prevention and common problems. I think a well-rounded instructor can take on all client cases if they are determined to educate themselves for the betterment of their client.”

Kelly donates countless hours, hosts complimentary events and participates in charity auctions all over the Valley in hopes to spread the gift of Pilates and Barre. When she is not teaching Pilates, Barre or TRX, you can find Kelly training for her next marathon or summit challenge, hanging out with her family – Mason (10) and Dera Rae (8) and husband, Rick, or snuggling up with her two puppies, Iggy and Chance.

  • Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher™
  • Pilates Sports Center – Master Pilates Teacher Training Program
  • Pilates Sports Center – Master Burn at the Barre Program
  • PhysicalMind– Teacher Training Program
  • TRX Certified Trainer/li>
  • PiYO Certified Trainer
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
Amy Dolinky
Pilates Instructor | Bella Bar Certified Instructor

Amy Dolinky was introduced to Pilates in 1992 as part of a rehabilitation regimen for a pinched nerve. With an extensive background in dance and exercise, she was immediately hooked on the discipline’s lengthening and strengthening movements. She and her family moved to Scottsdale from Los Angeles in 1994, where she continued her Pilates practice. Amy’s love of Pilates eventually led her to pursue teaching it professionally. She received her initial training through Balanced Body University in 2008, completed a second comprehensive course of study through Pilates Sports Center in 2012, and earned her certification from the Pilates Method Alliance. In addition, Amy has received special training in adapting and modifying Pilates for conditions such as scoliosis, stenosis and degenerative disc disease. She is also a certified Barre instructor, and teaches Core Barre and Pilates Interval Circuit classes at Remedy. Amy believes that Pilates is the best foundation for any activity, something everyone can do and enjoys sharing her knowledge with clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Alexa Bowen
Pilates Instructor | Group Fitness Trainer

Alexa has been passionate about fitness for over 17 years. She is AFFA Certified and began teaching group fitness and personal training after having her son in 2005. Alexa was introduced to Pilates during marathon training in 2009 and was so impressed with the changes her body made after just a few sessions it was no question she would become an Instructor. Alexa completed the Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program in 2011. Her training emphasizes both Classical and Progressive Pilates with a focus on her clients needs and goals. Alexa has been an inspiration to many people and takes an active role in what is best for her clients.

Antoinette (Toni) Bonano
Massage Therapist | Pilates Instructor

Toni’s interest in Massage Therapy peaked at young age. In college, Toni was a mid distance runner and realized the importance of massage therapy and how it mentally and physically relaxed and allowed her to focus on the race. After college she went on to become a certified massage therapist. Toni has been a practicing massage therapist for more than 5 years and gets satisfaction from knowing her clients are benefiting from her healing touch. She is certified in Swedish, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue/Therapeutic, and Hydro Therapy.

After spending some time practicing massage a Remedy, Toni soon realized the benefits of Pilates. She decided to take her commitment to wellness a step further and complete the Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program in 2011. She is a natural when it comes to muscle movement and ability. Toni focuses on each client as an individual and incorporates her caring demeanor with her instruction. Whether you are a transformation client or post rehab, Toni can take care of your body.

Kelly Kruke
Pilates Instructor

Kelley’s interest in group fitness was inspired with her introduction to Pilates years ago as a client. Over the last several years she spent 100’s of hours practicing Pilates, learning the techniques and philosophies of this type of exercise program. As she started to see the difference it made in her body, and to those she was practicing with, she realized what a great benefit Pilates can bring to everyone – no matter what age. An inquisitive client, always asking questions during classes to better understand the form or intention of the movement, it was only a matter of time before she herself would become an instructor. Kelley completed her Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program in 2012. Knowing all too well the challenges and limitations the body can present, Kelley makes every effort to understand her clients’ bodies and what their needs and goals are. Kelley is certified on mat, all Pilates equipment and has strong goals to continue her fitness education. Her Pilates mantra: “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”

Melanie Gentry
Pilates Instructor

Melanie was introduced to Pilates in 2008, but it became her passion in 2011 as a supplement to her fitness and tennis regimen. Melanie is a USPTA Certified Developmental Tennis Coach. She coached at the high school level in Green Bay, WI (GO Pack GO!) and has most recently taught junior tennis for the City of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills Park and Recreation Programs. Pilates has aided Mel in the rehabilitation of her torn Rotator Cuff and Elbow Tendinitis granting her continued mobility and strength in her core and upper body. Melanie completed her Pilates Sports Center Teacher Trainer Program in 2012 and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

*CPR Certified

Ruthanne Rodriquez
Pilates Instructor | Bella Bar Certified Instructor

Ruthanne has a lifetime of experience in somatic movement. She began as a dancer but grew up a competitive gymnast where she was introduced to Pilates in 1982 as part of her training and rehabilitation regimen. It was during this time that she was taught to see the details of form and imbalances in the body. After seven competitive years in the sport, she went on to coach competitive gymnasts nationally and internationally. She studied Modern Dance as her second major in college where mat Pilates was incorporated into their education as well as the understanding of biomechanics. After college, she choreographed for theater, gymnastics, and turned to ballroom and Latin dance for recreation.

Eventually, Ruthanne’s passion for the human body directed her to massage therapy. Her studies include meditation, aromatherapy, and energy work. In 2006, she returned to the discipline of Pilates when she completed training through The Physical Mind Institute.

Ruthanne has extensive training and experience with rehab and post-rehab clients; amateur, pro, and retired athletes; fitness enthusiasts; and condition inflicted clients such those with osteoporosis, MS, Parkinsonʼs, low back and other joint issues. Ruthanne teaches for the body in front of her and uses both classical and contemporary methods while holding true to the fundamentals of Pilates.

Lisa Lippincott
Gong Meditation
A life-changing event grounded Lisa from her passion of flying jets. But as most misfortunate happenings, it too, was a gift in disguise. She learned to fly with her Gong, finding that “sweet spot” once again healing herself, and others. She shares this gift for those who are interested. I became One with All.
This passion lead me into the most wonderful experience flying airplanes, and in the end of my 25 year career, flying the fastest passenger jet in the
After all the tests, many, and no concrete diagnosis other than vestibular migraines, fibromyalgia, and areotoxins. No remedies. I felt doomed. I started posting spiritual Face Book photos, also started groups in my home. I couldn’t go out. I started a book study group in my home, The Way to Mastery. From this study group, spiritual postings that I was attracted to on FB, my soul was trying to communicate with me. I had a deep knowing the answer for my healing would come to the surface…One day strongly and suddenly it came to me…. Vibration!
Vibration is the answer, it is working!!!

So, today,I fly on the ground, I am in the moment, and am back with my Soul’s Song!
‘Somehow the fact that our spirit, thoughts, and emotions are all composed of energy that vibrates at different frequencies was overlooked in the past. We are transceivers as we both send and receive energy information.

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